About Lokran Barrier Systems

Lokran Barrier Systems manufactures energy absorbing vertical lift movable barrier gates.  Our products are designed to safely bring an errant vehicle to a stop.  All products are manufactured in the United States.  Our barrier gates are the industry standard for lift, swing, and single/double bascule bridge applications.

Company History

Throughout its history, Lokran Barrier Systems has been dedicated to developing the safest and most reliable energy absorbing barrier gates.  The vision for Lokran barrier gates began over 60 years ago when Mollenberg-Betz Machine Company set out to build better and safer barriers.  In 1950, E.D. Sawyer was the only company manufacturing barrier gates.  While refurbishing an old Sawyer gate, Henry Mollenberg  and Jacob Betz identified fundamental flaws in its operation and decided to design a barrier gate with new and improved safety features.  Over the next 30 years, Mollenberg-Betz would go on to design, manufacture and test numerous vertical lift barrier gates throughout the United States.


Lokran was established in 1985 by Joe Locke when he acquired the barrier gate technology from Mollenberg-Betz.  Using the newest technology, Lokran refined and upgraded the design and included automatic net retraction as a standard feature. This enabled the bridge operator to automatically reset an impacted barrier gate to provide uninterrupted protection for the traveling public. Since that time, Lokran has become the industry leader in energy absorbing barrier gates for moveable bridges.  


One of Lokran’s largest projects was designing and manufacturing “Automatic Retractable Energy Absorbing Barrier Gates” for the Woodrow Wilson Bridge in Washington, DC over the Potomac River.  Over 250,000 vehicles cross the bridge daily.  


Lokran continues to develop and refine their products using the latest technology and engineering practices. They work closely with engineering companies assisting them in developing barrier gates for new and rehabilitated bridge projects.

Our Mission

To design and build the highest quality energy absorbing vertical lift barrier gates that will exceed all Federal Highway System (FHS) specifications established by the NCHRP Report 350 and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH)